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4 x 4 Lace Frontal - Natural Color. (Closure Pictured is less than 16")

It's great to also have the option of getting a Lace Closure customized using the "Touched by Toria" (TBT) Method which is done by ventilating sporadic single strands 1.5 inches into the hairline with an optional 2" part.  This is what makes for a realistic look to mimic hair growing out of the scalp.  A great option if you make your own wigs and want a custom Closure or if you want the benefit of having a style that does not include a full wig.  (Sew Wefts to your braids in the back, on the sides and sew/attach the closure in the front.)

The hair used has unidirectional cuticles and can be lifted, colored, curled, straightened etc. just as natural hair.

Longer lengths and custom colors are available but will inquire an additional charge. Unit comes with combs but can be replaced with Toupee Clips or removed completely for clients with little to no hair.

FREE Shipping within 5-14 days of placing order and conducting consultation, depending on orders in queue! 

This purchase comes with a complimentary video consultation necessary for Toria to obtain your measurements and/or pictures for the customization process.  Add "Consultation" to your shopping cart and enter the discount code "FREE" during checkout.