"LIFE is Fire, BALANCE is Gasoline!"
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After becoming an entrepreneur solely making custom wigs for hair loss clientele,  Toria quickly learned that she had a desire to train others.  She started out assisting at a LIVE event of approximately 25 attendees from all over the world in Charleston South Carolina and then holding her own LIVE events in different states.  She has worked with clients all over the world in building their business and knew she could reach more people with providing some of the same trainings online; and that is how Blossoming Butterfly Academy was born!  

The idea of working with clients wherever they are from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective and giving them the tools and resources necessary to grow; reminded Toria of the stages a butterfly must go through to blossom into the beauty we see.  It's not all cute and easy at times, but the end result makes it worth it from a caterpillar:butterfly and entrepreneur:business perspective.  

This academy offers several different training opportunities to accommodate people from all walks of life including but not limited to the relatable military spouses, looking to pursue and/or accelerate a business marketable to consumers all over the world.  Head over to the Academy, created by Toria to see what is available.  Check back often as new trainings and courses will be added for enrollment.  The best way to stay in the know, is to SUBSCRIBE to the email list.   CLICK HERE to access BBA!