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CUSTOMIZE A WIG IN ONE DAY "Touched by Toria" Method (Online)

Customize A Wig In One Day: "Touched by Toria" Method!

This is a method I stumbled across while working on creating a wig for a client.

Months later, this method helped with another situation but this time, I got better at utilizing it.

First, I started establishing my process and services to test it out on several clients...................................and after working out a few kinks here and there.....................................IT WORKED!

Second, I decided to train others during an in-person hands on workshop in 2 different states and .............................IT WORKED!

THEN, I was blessed with the ultimate opportunity to film my method to be included as a BONUS in the LACE WIG TRAINING SYSTEM 2.0 created and taught by one of the best in the industry of over 15 years ~ Marquetta Breslin!

WHO is it for: ANYONE including those with hair loss, salon owners, stylists, trichologists, Wig Makers & Designers, the everyday person.

WHAT is it:  It is an online course of My Method & Process that I created after making countless wigs for my hair loss clientele.  This method can be used for any type of stock ventilated unit including closures, frontals, 360 wigs etc. Broken down steps that teach you how to take a stock unit and customize it for a realistic look in one day for yourself and/or for clients with a BONUS INTERACTIVE COURSE: I walk you through exactly how to set it up to get a client, take payment and consult with the client to customize their unit.  

WHEN is it available: It's projected to launch only once in 2018.  Once you complete your purchase, you will lifetime access.

WHERE is it available: In my online training Blossoming Butterfly Academy!

WHY are you teaching your method: Because I am always over booked and more people need to know that they can provide a service for hair loss clientele just as I do, without sitting for hours ventilating.  There is a need!

HOW do I purchase: Click the link in the training academy here to purchase.  If it is no longer available, you can sign up to be notified when it launches again in 2019.

Click Here for Full Details and To Purchase!