"LIFE is Fire, BALANCE is Gasoline!"
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Free Training: 7 Day Ventilating Challenge

I first launched this training in Spring 2017 and it helped so many people then and since so I decided to bring it back!  Don't miss it!

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Business: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Over the years, I have worked with and along side so many people that start out with pure motivation to build a successful business.  When it gets frustrating and the roadblocks are at every turn, a majority give up!   If you ever listen to those that have started out as solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, they will quickly tell you about the many struggles that were endured.  They will also tell you to embrace every minute of it..."The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!"   It's truly a journey and every occurrence is a vital part of it.  Enduring and persevering...

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My 1st Podcast Interview!

I have had many incredible opportunities.  My first ever Podcast was under the mentorship of Marquetta Breslin.  I am 100% for having a trusted mentor and advisor for many reasons.  Mrs. Breslin is a Godsend and has been there from day 1 in my journey as an entrepreneur.  I was drawn to her and her business partner/husband Ricky because of the connection of being prior military and starting a business from ground zero.

I use to critique myself harshly while listening to my interview but now, I write it off as growth just as I teach my advisory clients!


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     In Available Hair Loss Solutions, Toria gives a little insight about her personal experience with hair loss, growing up.  She also provides you with various possible solutions and outlines the pros and cons.  There are medical and natural alternatives depending on the type of hair loss.  Some of her clients, before utilizing her services, were unaware of the  differences between store bought wigs/units vs custom made wigs/units.  In this book, she lays it out so that if you are thinking about having a unit customized, you have an introduction to who they are for and how they are made.  Her...

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How I started as an Entrepreneur in Business!

A flashback on how it all started.  A passion to help people with hair loss!  I started custom making realistic wigs for hair loss clientele! (Cancer, Alopecia, Lupus etc).  All it takes is an idea!!!

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